Research Expertise:

Applying the satellite-retrieved cloud and precipitation products and a hierarchy of atmospheric models (CRM, CESM, SPCAM) to investigate the multi-scale convections over Asian monsoon regions and their interactions with the large-scale environment including thermodynamics, dynamics, anthropogenic aerosols:

•Understand the role of the diurnal cycle and convection organization in the cross-scale convection interactions of monsoon and tropical variability, as well as the representation of associated physical processes in global models

•Establish satellite-based, high-resolution gridded data sets of aerosol, cloud, precipitation, and lightning over Taiwan and Asia to investigate the long-term trend of air pollution, the relationships between aerosols and meteorology, and the occurrence of extreme rainfall systems

•Understand the climate impacts of anthropogenic aerosols over Asian monsoon regions, including the effects on convection over coastal or complex topography, and the synergistic effects with land surface changes such as irrigation.