Recent Works

Yilan Experiment of Severe Rainfall in 2020 (YESR2020)

Yu-Hung Chang

We conducted the Yilan Experiment of Severe Rainfall (YESR2020) to survey physical processes leading to severe rainfall in the northeastern plain area and adjacent mountains in Yilan, Taiwan, when the synoptic-scale northeasterly wind prevails under the active East Asian winter monsoon with stratocumulus cloud decks. A preliminary analysis indicated that a local-scale convergence line appeared over the plain area, while the precipitation hotspot was located in the mountain region of southern Yilan, where turbulence features signified. The results inspire the arrangement of future field observations to explore mechanisms of heavily-precipitating stratocumulus over complex topography.

Multi-model Hindcast Intercomparison of the Tropical Intraseasonal Variability

Chi-Huan Hsu

Characteristics of Meso-scale Convection Systems during the Boreal Summer Southwesterly Monsoon Flow

Shao-Yu Tseng

The Fine Particulate Pollutant Distribution over the Lee Side of Mountains in Taiwan under Consecutive Cold-season Weak Synoptic Days

Tzu-Han Hsu